In this page I show current and older projects I have been involved.

Pixel Shirt Quiz

When working on the colouring books, I had the idea of also making a quiz about the shirts. These are the quizes available:


For those who are more enthusiastic about pixel art and football and want to experiment with their own artistic skills, I have put up a tutorial that hopefully can give the some direction:

FIFA Museum Workshops

In 2020, I was invited by the FIFA Museum to exhibit my art as part of the opening for their eFootball section. In addition, I spent two days giving workshops for visitors who wanted to learn how to created pixelater football players. Here are a couple of pictures:

Berliner Zeitung

In 2018, I worked with Berlin's newspaper Berliner Zeiting in order to illustrate an article by one of their writers (Paul Linke). Here is the result:

Football Blogging Awards winner

In 2015, I wont the Football Bloggin Awards on the best visual blog category, which was voted by the fans. This was quite uexpected in the earlier years of my work and gave me a huge movivation to keep on going.