Götze’s transfer to Bayern Munich

Mario Gözte is leaving Borussia Dortmund to join Guardiola’s Bayern Munich next season. For some reason, this has been annouced in the same week that both teams try to find their spot in the UEFA Champions League Final. We wonder how Götze will perform….
gotze bayern

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Demy De Zeeuw joins Anderlecht

Demy de Zeeuw leaves Spartak Moscow (Russia) and joins Anderlecht (Belgium) on loan.

demy dezeeuw anderlecht

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Sneijder joins Galatasaray

Wesley Sneijder leaves Internazionale (Italy) and joins Galatasaray (Turkey).

sneijder galatasaray

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Alexandre Pato joins Corinthians

Alexandre Pato leaves AC Milan and joins Corinthians.

alexandre pato corinthians

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Joe Cole joins West Ham United

Joe Cole leaves Liverpool and joins West Ham United.

joe cole westhamutd

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