Zaza’s penaly run

When Germany vs Italy went to penalty shoot out, I was quite sure that Florenzi’s clearance would be the 8bit moment of the match. But then, Simone Zaza run for his penaly and this was the result.


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Florenzi Clearance

Amazing acrobat clearance by Florenzi against Germany. You may say: the ball was not even going in, but still.

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Pelle volley vs Belgium

Graziano Pelle scores with a volley and seals the Italy victory over Belgium.

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World Cup 2006 Final

9 July 2006 | Olympiastadion, Berlin | Italy vs France

world cup final 2006

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World Cup 1994 Final

17th July 1994 / Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California / Brazil vs Italy

world cup final 1994


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Suarez bites Chiellini

Luís Suarez did it again. No, it’s not a goal… he was biting his opponent. This time the victim was Chiellini.

suarez bites chiellini

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Bryan Ruiz’s goal vs Italy

Bryan Ruiz scored a winner against Italy and gave another victory to Costa Rica!

bryan ruiz goal italy

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Test your world cup penalty shootout knowledge

roberto baggio penalty brazil1994

The World Cup 2014 is finally here and fans and players of the World Cup look forward to the football-orientated summer. Often in the World Cup a match will end with equal score at the end of the assigned 90 minutes of gameplay. This often means that in order to determine the winner, the match ends in an intense penalty shootout.

The prospect of their being penalty shootout drama in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil seems likely as the tournament is steeped in iconic spot kick moments.

The Ladbrokes “Big Penalty Quiz” tests fans knowledge on the best penalty shootouts of all time. For fans of the World Cup, it may be quite easy for them to get the answer right and roar to glory, or to miss the target and fall short of victory.

The “Big Penalty Quiz” is the perfect medium for football fanatics who want to test their World Cup knowledge. To play the ‘Big Penalty Quiz’, players need to click on one of the three options which include SAVED, MISSED and SCORED. The quiz itself is produced in 8 bit style which means that players can enjoy the classic video game styling which is once-again becoming extremely popular. Testing your football knowledge has never been more entertaining that with this Ladbrokes quiz and football fanatics are sure to enjoy the quiz as it will get them into the spirit of the 2014 World Cup. There are five questions loaded at a time in the game and there is a total of 15 questions. Points are earned with every correct answer so make sure your dig around in that mind of yours and kick start your footy wisdom.

It appears that each World Cup tournament in the past contained some form of penalty shootout drama and this year is thought to be no different. Sometimes penalty shootouts, particularly those that take place in the World Cup final, send surges of heart-break to fans of the losing team, just ask Roberto Baggio!.

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Balotelli’s winner

Balotelli’s header, the goal that gave the victor to Italy against England in the first World Cup 2014 match.

balotelli header england

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