Shaqiri overhead kick


Although Switzerland lost to Poland on the penalties, here is what we will remember for this match. Well done Shaqiri, very beautiful goal.

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Gabor Kiraly, the Hungarian goalkeeper.


Probably one of the icons of this Euro 2016, the Hungarian goalkeeper has been showing a lot of skills.

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The ripped shirts of Switzerland


This was the result of Switzerland v France. A couple of ripped shirts, a blown ball and a pitch in bad conditions.

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Payet corner flag celebration


Dimitri Payet celebrates his goal against Albania with a flying kick on the corner flag.

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A selfie with Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo missed one penalty and had a disallowed goal for being offisde. It was not his day, but he was kind enough to take a selfie with a pitch invader.

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Iniesta and Turan


Andreas Iniesta comforts Arda Turan after Spain defeated Turkey for 3-0.

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Croatia players trying to calm down fans


Czech Republic v Croatia: as the flares hit the pitch, the Croatian players went close to the stands to calm down their fans.

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Joachim Löw and the hand sniffing


No need for words, the animation below represents it all. This is what the Germany coach was caught doing during Germany v Ukraine.


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Pelle volley vs Belgium


Graziano Pelle scores with a volley and seals the Italy victory over Belgium.

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Ruidiaz handball goal


Raul Ruidiaz scores with his hands and elimites Brazil from Copa America 2016.

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