What is 8bit-football?

8bit-Football is a blog where I share illustrations about football (or soccer) based on 8 bit graphics as we used to play in video games in the 90’s.

How many people are behind 8bit-football?

So far only one, with a full time job (not related to this). All the illustrations are done in my free time. This is my hobby, which I’m glad to share with those of similar taste. 🙂

Where are you from?


Do you take requests?

Yes, in fact most of the illustrations come from requests from Facebook and Twitter. But since I’m only one with limited time, it is hard to cope with them all.

I support a team from the 5th division in Andorra, will you take my request?

I really would like to, but I must confess that it does not happen quite often. For less popular clubs, I try to draw simple illustrations, most of the time sharing them on Twitter, just so people can be happy to see them there. So, don’t give up!

Can you draw an 8bit picture of me?

If you are a football player, yes. Otherwise, I prefer not to take such personal requests, as I like to devote the limited time that I have to the website.

Do you do commissioned work?

Yes, used the contact information from the left bar and we can discuss it.

Which tool do you use to draw?

I use an iPad and an application called SpriteSomething. More recently I have been trying Photoshop and the Surface notebook/tablet.

Can I buy a t-shirt or a poster with your illustrations?

Yes. Check our shop here.

Can I advertise on 8bit Football?

Depends. I try not to take a commercial approach with the website since it is for a hobby. Therefore, no advertise banners everywhere to pollute the website. Alternatively, I work with sponsored posts (helps me paying the expenses that I have with the website). The only requirement is that they should be always be followed by an 8bit illustration. You can also choose to advertise on the videos adboards.

How can I support your work?

Whether you are a true 8bit-football fan or just a football / pixel art enthusiast like myself, you can now support my work in Patreon. Your support is much appreciated and will allow me to devote more time to 8bit-football illustrations.