Griezmann ‘Hotline Bling’ celebration

Antoine Griezmann scored two goals against Ireland and celebrated like this:


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Bobby Charlton’s combover

Sir Robert “Bobby” Charlton (England  ’66) and the wind were not best friends. For more information on the man, check out A Football Report.


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Kidiaba’s Celebration (that Congo goalkeeper)

Muteba Kidiaba and his nothing conventional ‘bum hop’ celebration.


Check A Football Report‘s view on that!


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Messi is back to Camp Nou

Messi is back to Camp Nou to present his FIFA Ballon d’Or 2012 award.


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Ronaldinho’s skills

Ronaldinho showing his skills (Barcelona version).


We’re working in collaboration with the website A Football Report for bringing more animations soon!

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Rafa Benitez and Fernando Torres

Chelsea’s coach Rafa Benitez still believes in Fernando Torres’ potential.

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