Neuer saves it with one hand

It was the last moment in the match between Germany and France. Benzema shots and…. Neuer saves it with one hand!

neuer saves with one hand

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Schumacher vs Battiston

France and Germany are playing today for the World Cup, so why not remember this controversial moment ofr World Cup 1982 between the German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher and the French player Patrick Battiston.

schumacher france 82

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Neuer, the sweeper goalkeeper

If you watched Germany vs Algeria, you probably saw Manuel Neuer’s presence outside the box. Who needs defenders!

neuer tackling algeria

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World Cup 2014 – Round of 16

Sixteen teams… only one will be champions!

world cup 2014 - round of 16

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Joachim Löw picking nose

Joachim Löw did it again! Picking his nose during the match against Ghana!


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Klose front flip

Miroslav Klose scored again! 15 goals in World Cups! To celebrate, a front flip!

Klose Front Flip Celebration

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Pepe vs Müller

Germany vs Portugal… Pepe headbutts Thomas Müller and gets sent off.

pepe vs muller

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Puyol vs Germany 2010

Carles Puyol’s remarkable header against Germany in the semi final of World Cup 2010. This goal took the Spanish team to the final of the tournament.

puyol vs germany 2010

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World Cup 2002

First, second, third and fourth place of Wold Cup 2002:

world cup 2002

Ronaldo (Brazil), Oliver Kahn (Germany), Hasan Şaş (Turkey), Ahn Jung-Hwan (South Korea)

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Effenberg Stinkefinger

Dallas, United States, World Cup 1994. After being replaced for Thomas Helmer, Stefan Effenberg hears a ‘booooh’ from German supporters and, in reply, shows his middle finger. As a result, the German coach Berti Vogts decided to drop Effenberg from the rest of the competition.

effenberg stinkefinger

Also in the picture, Lothar Matthäus and Kim Joo-Sung (right?).

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