Ronaldo and the moth

Congratulations to whole Portugal team, who overcame Ronaldo’s injury (and moth attack) to be the Euro 2016 Champions!


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Ballboy photobombs Portugal team photo

It was supposed to be just a team photo of Portugal, but apparently the ballboy thought he should be part of it.

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Euro 2016 semifinals

Here are the semifinalists of the Euro 2016.

euro 2016 semifinal

Wales, Portugal, Germany and France. Can you guess who are the players?

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Zaza’s penaly run

When Germany vs Italy went to penalty shoot out, I was quite sure that Florenzi’s clearance would be the 8bit moment of the match. But then, Simone Zaza run for his penaly and this was the result.


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Florenzi Clearance

Amazing acrobat clearance by Florenzi against Germany. You may say: the ball was not even going in, but still.

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Robson-Kanu (Cruyff style)

Another beautiful moment in Euro 2016. This time, Hal Robson-Kanu, with a Cruyff turn, scores for Wales against Belgium.

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Hazard celebration

What a match by Eden Hazard! Here is how he celebrate the 3rd goal of Belgium against Hungary!

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Griezmann ‘Hotline Bling’ celebration

Antoine Griezmann scored two goals against Ireland and celebrated like this:


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Shaqiri overhead kick

Although Switzerland lost to Poland on the penalties, here is what we will remember for this match. Well done Shaqiri, very beautiful goal.

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Gabor Kiraly, the Hungarian goalkeeper.

Probably one of the icons of this Euro 2016, the Hungarian goalkeeper has been showing a lot of skills.

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