Gremio – Champions Copa do Brasil

Congratulations to Gremio, champions of Copa do Brasil!

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Chapecoense plane crash

What a sad day for football. Several Chapecoense players died in a plane crash in Colombia on the way to the Sudamericana Cup Final.


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Palmeiras – Brazilian Champions 2016

Congratulations to Palmeiras, Brazilian Champions 2016!

A very emotional moment during the match. The goalkeeper Jaílson leaves for Fernando Prass who was injuried for a long time but could still enjoy some minutes of the winning match.

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Yerri Mina Dance

The colombian and Palmeiras player Yerri Mina shows his moves after scoring against Corinthians.

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Dog on the field!

A dog gets on the field and chases the players. This happened in the Brazilian Série B, in the match between Brasil de Pelotas and Goiás.

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Cesar Martins red card save

Cesar Martins made this brilliant save for Flamengo against Palmeiras. It is a shame he is not the goalkeeper.

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Romario elastico vs Amaral

Romario applies an elastico dribble on Amaral just before scoring.
Corinthians 0 x 3 Flamengo – 1999

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Victor penalty save (video version)

Copa Libertadores 2013, semi final. Atlético-MG are qualifying to the finals with the 1 x 1 result. On the 91st minute, they conceive a penalty. When most thought that was the end, Victor saves the day with a miraculous stop!

I hope you all liked the video. Most of the work here was to draw the stadium background. I have been myself to this stadium several times so I wanted to make sure that even the smallest details were present, such as the military police outfit.

Special Thanks to Mario Henrique Caixa and Radio Itatiaia from Belo Horizonte for allowing me to use the audio.

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Rogério Ceni goal 100

This is a tribute to the goalkeeper Rogério Ceni, who retired last year. Although he is a goalkeeper, he managed to score 132 (129 according to FIFA) in his career. That is quite impressive, there might be strikers out there with less goal scored.

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Wendell Lira Bicycle Kick

Finally, the last contender to the Puskas 2015 Awards. Wendell Lira (Goianésia) with his beautiful bicycle kick closes this series. Now let’s wait and see who will be the winner.

wendell lira puskas

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